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Growing Together Newsletter

Oct 22, 2020

Growing Together was originally a six-week bulletin series for the ecumenical education of Christ's faithful. These bulletin inserts were published and distributed annually to churches in Saskatoon starting in 1985 and served the community until 2005. Growing Together was written by an interdenominational team of volunteers who met to write about relevant topics related to Christian unity. Each issue would explore an ecumenical topic from a variety of viewpoints. The team would attempt to pick topics that would have a wide interest in Canadian churches and beyond.

Although this publication will not follow the same format as the original Growing Together, we felt that it would be important to retain the name of this historic publication and reprint some of the excellent articles and of course, feature new articles from ecumenists on relevant topics to today.

The Growing Together newsletter will be published quarterly to of educate and inform our community about ecumenism and the Prairie Centre.