St. Mark’s Shared Minstry

Begun as a joint venture in 1960 during the construction of the Churchill Falls Power Development and staffed with visiting clergy. In 1968 a full-time cleric was appointed. St. Mark’s uses the Community Church, which is shared by the various denominations in town and was built by the Churchill Falls Corporation Limited in 1972.
The two parent churches (ACC & UCC) are responsible for supplying clergy for a three-year term on an alternating basis.
There are several ecumenical services per year. All other services alternate between the use of The Book of Common Prayer, The Book of Alternative Services and A Sunday Liturgy. Adapted liturgies are used occasionally.

Communities Served: Churchill Falls & Rigolet
Alternative Phone: 709-925-3729 fax.
Phone: 709-925-3741
Location: PO Box 9
Churchill Falls
A0R 1A0