Who We Are


The Prairie Centre for Ecumenism is an agency dedicated to promoting and facilitating Christian unity across denominations. We seek to accomplish our goal of visible reconciliation and unity through engaging in dialogue and offering programs and conferences designed to facilitate education, connection and inspiration.

We are grateful to receive sponsorship from seven denominations and significant funding from the Order of St. Lazarus (Canadian chapter). We work in close partnership with the Canadian Council of Churches, the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism, the Association of Interchurch Families, and other ecumenical ministries.

A Board of Directors meets semi-monthly to provide oversight for the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism. The committed staff of the Centre carries out the ecumenical mission on a day to day basis, often assisted by volunteers.

In addition to promoting inter-church dialogue, understanding and co-operation, the Centre also promotes inter-religious encounters in our communities.

The Prairie Centre for Ecumenism has been serving the Canadian prairies since 1984. We invite you to visit the following pages in the “About Us” menu for a fuller description of the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism. 

Make every effort to maintain the unity
of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Ephesians 4:3)