Local Church Leaders


The Local Church Leaders are a group of denominational representatives from local judicatories (dioceses, presbyteries, synods) and ministerials. Begun in Saskatoon by Fr. Bernard de Margerie in 1984, the Local Church Leaders groups provide a forum for the leaders of the various denominations to know one another on a casual and informal basis, to study and to pray together. Their coming together is a potent witness to the members of their denominations that being "one in Christ" is important to their churches.

The Saskatoon group is largely responsible, with Fr. Bernard, for the formation of the Saskatoon Centre for Ecumenism (now known as the Prairie Centre). The seven leaders of the PCE’s supporting churches provide a further level of oversight and direction, and are regularly consulted on major issues and decisions.

Local Church LeadersLocal Church LeadersChurch Leaders of every denomination are invited to be part of this group, whether they are bishops or appointed representatives of their denomination. The churches' varying polity may make securing representatives complex at times, but these groups find deep meaning in their gatherings. Chair persons of the various councils of churches, ministerial associations and other ecumenical groups gather at the same table to meet and talk and pray. They meet regularly, 3 to 6 times per year. It may be the only place where such people can meet those from Evangelical and "Main Line Churches" at the same table. Honest discussion and earnest prayer are the hallmarks