Churches for Environmental Action


Churches for Environmental Action


In 2012 an ad hoc group of people from various Christian denominations got together to talk about how churches could be more involved in environmental concerns. 


It is obvious that we are not taking care of our planet.  We see as our challenge how we use our God given gifts to produce and share our food, drink, and goods in ways that have a positive impact on our land, water, and air.


Consequently, Churches for Environmental Action (CEA) was formed and is an ecumenical committee committed to awaking ecological consciousness and actions in our congregations/parishes.


Our challenge is to gather interested representatives from all churches to join together to proclaim the message to our congregations/parishes so that collectively we learn how to make our own church “environmental friendly” and educate and influence the wider community.


We have had workshops: 



* It Ain’t Easy Being Green:  Alternatives for Economics, Energy, & Environment.  Speakers:  Mark Aneilski and Mark Bigland-Pritchard


*Practicing Our Faith as Caretakers of Creation.  Speakers:  Fr. Lawrence deMong, Jim Penna and Rev. Dr. Michael Poellet, Sr. Judy Schachtel, Gabe Penna


*We partnered with Prairie Centre for Ecumenism for their Spring Workshop:  Care of Earth, Care of the Church; Why is the Environment an Ecumental Issue?  Speakers:  Nettie Wiebe, and Janice & Shawn Sanford-Beck

*Focus Group:  U of S students 

*Making Your Case:  Environmental Action as Christian Action.  Speakers:  Bishop Don Bolen and Jim Harding.


*Praying for the Environment Calendar:  First Day of Spring to Earth Day

*Co-sponsor with RC Diocese (Development & Peace), Queen’s House of Retreats, St. Thomas More College:  Changing to Care for Our Common Home.  Speakers:  Peter Prebble (Practical Response to Laudato Si in Saskatchewan), Armella Sonntag (Development & Peace—Abuses of Canadian Mining Companies in Developing Nations), Hugh Wood (Weaving Science & Theology Together), & Christine Vanin (Analysis & Commentary on Laudato Si.


*Recovering From Our Addiction to Stuff.  Video by Annie Leonard—The Story of Stuff and Saskatoon Recycling Wheel


*Drowning? Ways to Live Simply - Chris Hyrnkow, city councillor Mairin Lowen

Practise for Mindful Living with Paul Hanley, Rod McLaren-net zero living, Jared Regier –urban famer, Melchior Sysing Environmental education in school


Thanks to the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism we have this page on their website to post information on what is happening.